Apple in March was running banner ads alongside all of its pre-installed iMessage apps, and the company recently revealed it was planning to add a pre-roll ad banner for videos within the iMessage app. Apple had previously done this with its other apps like the App Store and Music, though videos used in the pre-roll ads are now likely to be individual videos, and likely to be display images or video ads rather than block ads.

Apple released a new video on Wednesday that shows how the ads work. Essentially, as you’re already chatting with someone who is not running a current AdBlock app, when an advertisement comes up, your iPhone will display an option to “Skip to the next” or “watch the ad” or “Skip to the next round.” In some cases, it appears as a loading page, and in others it appears as an advert, so it’s highly likely this will change and the ads will ultimately be an assortment of images.

Apple has already released a few apps like HBO Now and CBS All Access, but the Pre-Roll ads are expected to appear in the short-term only, and it doesn’t appear as if Apple has plans to launch them permanently.

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