Uber is testing a system to pick up a location’s “background noise”, which the company calls AMP. The quiet noise can last up to 30 seconds, and is currently being tested in several areas across the world. If Uber decides to roll it out, it will sound an audible alert, so you can tell the driver to stop. This information is sent through the Uber app, so riders won’t need to take the time to manually search for it. The company used technology originally developed by a Swedish company called Grooveshark to power the technology.

Uber’s AMP device is a cylindrical, $60 device, the size of an old phone with a few thin rubber feet. It also comes with a charging cable, so if you are traveling without a charger, you can plug it in.

Uber said the device has a range of eight feet from you. The device sounds five different alarms, depending on the location.

The AMP pilot in Singapore and New York City right now have a continuous, 30-second silence that sounds a quiet alert to the driver. If the driver is going to go over that 30 seconds, a different sound is picked up. The device also activates five more alarms based on where the vehicle is at the time. For instance, if the driver is going to make a left turn onto the freeway, the device goes off so the driver can safely turn without making a sudden stop.

Uber isn’t kidding around, though. The company wouldn’t release any specifics around a full rollout, saying it needs to wait until it gets the feedback on the technology from drivers and riders.

“These devices are prototypes and this is only a part of our testing of building out our features and technology in partnership with our community,” the company said in a statement.

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