Google is showing how far it has come with artificial intelligence (AI) technology since the early 2000s when it famously gave away the first search engine to anyone who could use it. Now, the Mountain View, Calif.-based search company wants to re-invent the urban taxi-hailing system around the world, and is partnering with another company to do it.

By 2030, Google thinks 25 million people will be using its “Ride with Google” initiative, which offers taxis via an app, complete with the standard chauffeur-drive robot cab, but on foot. It’s all in support of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

“Our partnership with MARTA is the first step as we look to accelerate our technology to help solve a global problem: service quality and accessibility in transportation,” said Google’s director of mobility, Ren Kwon, in a blog post. “So you can finally have a seamless ride in walking distance.”

Ride with Google is designed to use augmented reality to accurately predict an intended passenger’s route, and an AR customer “experience” to get them to their destination. There is also a GPS function to calculate the exact location and get them to their final destination safely. Riders can also track the information from their smartphone and share it with others.

So far, Google is partnering with eight cities, including Tokyo, Singapore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Mumbai, Seoul, and Milan. Google believes it is “the first transportation service of its kind to provide service in this way.”

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