Edge , Microsoft’s Chrome-based web browser, is getting a lot of features for power users and those with tons of apps. For instance, the desktop version has now gotten support for Apple’s Siri artificial intelligence assistant — you’ll be able to ask things like weather, upcoming meetings and more.

In the MacOS Mojave update, you’ll also be able to access Cortana’s computer-based features, like reminders and drive times. The Office 365 for Mac desktop application will be available to download in the MacOS Mojave update. You can download the new app here and let us know how it works for you.

Additionally, MacOS Mojave also brings new support for private browsing in Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge. That means you can log out of Chrome, Safari and Edge without sharing your history or passwords. MacOS Mojave also adds full-screen mode and an external graphics card mode (not sure whether you’re familiar with graphics card mode in MacOS).

To install the new MacOS Mojave update, click on MacMojave on the Menu Bar and it will bring up the download screens. If you haven’t already installed it, follow these steps:

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