The new Dragon Ball fandom line of clothing with drops at Drifting Anime and Fantasy Slideshow in Montclair on Tuesday, November 20. The date coincides with the brand’s opening a pop-up store at Diavolina in Montclair.

Dragon Ball, the Japanese manga/anime franchise known for it’s combative, childlike characters, has been a popular anime franchise for nearly three decades. With dozens of Japanese anime fans around the world, traditional manga fan clubs have blossomed into an international fandom inspired by the rabid fandom for this show and other iconic series, such as Naruto and Pokemon.

Dragon Ball Super Series’ one-hundred and thirty-episode anime television series will get its U.S. debut on Sunday, December 16th as part of Dragon Ball Super Season Three in 2018-2019. The series is the third in the Dragon Ball franchise and features the rematch between Goku and Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Super anime titled “Kami Uma” (“Dragon Ball Super Battle of Gods”) that aired in Japan last March.

Forty Dragon Ball-inspired clothing items, including t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and other merchandise will be available at the Diavolina pop-up at 201 Bloomfield Avenue. Drifting Anime is in the shop’s front row, so fans can pose for selfies together in front of the Dragon Ball-inspired pieces in the line-up. The entire line will be priced at $9 to $40. There will also be discounts and giveaways throughout the run of the items in Diavolina’s pop-up shop.

Fans will also have the opportunity to meet the creators of Dragon Ball Z, Heroku Yuen, the Chief Operating Officer of Bandai, Atsuko Fujiwara. Attendees will get an autograph from Atsuko and will get exclusive offer with the Dragon Ball Z merchandise.

The Dragon Ball-inspired shopping experience will continue through Saturday, December 22nd at Diavolina.

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