China will offer robot taxi rides during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

The robotics trip will not, however, be at the expense of prices. Instead, the ride will be free.

It’s not clear how many rides will be offered or whether they will be limited to a particular area during the Aug. 9-18 event, however.

“This represents a new milestone in the exploration of self-driving and human-machine interaction,” Wang Hejun, director of the China-Japan Economic Cooperation Fund, said in a statement to the International Herald Tribune.

The short ride will be headed by San Francisco-based ride-hailing firm Lyft.

Last month, Nissan announced that its fully autonomous vehicle technology will be shared with Chinese ride-hailing service Didi.

And in May, Tesla unveiled its self-driving electric vehicle – a one-seater sedan dubbed the Model 3 – after the company had been testing the vehicle in Fremont, California, for at least three years.

In China, the large population of drivers who are new to driving alone or are forced to do so due to distance from their home village or city, and need to use public transportation in traffic heavy areas, are especially ripe for robotics-driven transportation options.

“Autonomous vehicles are an important next step in the development of ride-hailing services,” Jianguo Yu, managing director of consultancy McKinsey in China, told the International Herald Tribune. “China is too large a market to ignore.”

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