The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the foldable Galaxy X may be the most-anticipated smartphones of the year, but the man in charge of announcing the Galaxy S10 has turned heads by teasing a new device that could turn out to be the rumored PS5.

Speaking on stage at The Game Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, Samsung senior vice president of product marketing Kevin Packingham took a small screen and drew a square shape on it. Unlike the fact that he made reference to a Galaxy device, when I reached out to Packingham later to ask him to elaborate on his comments, he said that what he was referring to was “a PS5 of which we’re excited about.” Packingham didn’t say anything else about his comments in the video.

My other question to Packingham: What’s the difference between the Galaxy S10 and the PS5. Will the Galaxy S10 be the S10+, I asked? And how will gamers use a PS5? “There’s lots of PS5s,” Packingham said with a smile. “Anytime there’s a new console release, there are a number of companies working hard to make sure there are plenty of PS5s to satisfy consumer demands, including our company.”

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Packingham’s comments put tech observers on the defense mode, many of whom noted that the only way Samsung would not have a PS5 in the works at the same time as the Galaxy S10 is if the tech giant had never made big names of its mobile hardware division and its Super Bowl ads (I know, we were chuckling too). Sure, a new PS5 wouldn’t be a big surprise, but I’d still take this denial of a PlayStation 5 release with a grain of salt. And that’s how I like it.

About the only thing that Packingham gave in his answer is the fact that the Galaxy S10 and PS5 may not launch at the same time, pointing to more possibilities of release date slips.

Nevertheless, Packingham’s comments are interesting: It’s about time we had an honest answer from a Samsung employee on a topic that needs a full answer. Packingham’s comments are pretty perplexing, though, and also kinda confusing. I mean, how often do you get a confirmation from a Samsung employee that there’s no PS5 in the works? Not very often.

Head on over to GameSpot to watch the entire talk video below.

I wouldn’t blame you if you were taken aback by the news.

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