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Instagram has announced that it will test hiding likes on posts in the US, among other changes, likely moving it closer to its goal of disrupting the organic, organic distribution of content on the platform.

According to a news report from The Financial Times, “Instagram users in the US will be asked to rate the organic reach of their posts on social media app from zero to three stars,” starting next week. If any fans click a negative button, they will not be notified, Instagram spokeswoman Nicole O’Neill told The FT.

The test comes at a time when Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has been under fire for sharing “organic” information with marketers and publishers, like how many likes and shares a post gets and how many people liked the post. Critics call it “spamming” the platform.

The change also coincides with a limited rollout of “Find Friends” by adjusting the algorithm for users’ feeds based on how many “likes” a post gets. If a post receives very few likes, Instagram could make the change to raise the amount of likes, which will improve how the feed is sorted.

In the news report, the FT quoted O’Neill as saying “it wasn’t at all intentional” that the test occurs while Facebook is under fire for sharing “organic” data.

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