Google continues to broaden the abilities of its brand-new lineup of smart home devices, and the latest product has everything from advanced security capabilities to compatibility with your smart home speakers.

The Google Assistant, Google’s voice assistant that powers Google Home speakers and other smart home devices such as the Google Home Hub, is now deeply integrated with Nest cameras, using machine learning to quickly learn your habits. And, under certain conditions, that can mean not just that the cameras will unlock a camera-inaccessible spot on your home’s roof, but they’ll also quietly notify you when you’re standing in that spot.

At least, it seems that way. First, you’ll have to be an owner of a Nest camera in order to activate that feature, which isn’t necessarily a problem if you have multiple cameras and/or access to a Nexus 7 tablet running Nighthawk custom-brains (the first camera is sold separately for $179).

In the Nest Cam IQ Indoor’s case, Google says it learned that when you’re standing at your camera and a nearby person walks up close to your face – which is in itself unusual, given the camera’s design – the camera will start recording automatically. At that point, the Nest Cam IQ Indoor will not only turn on its lenses, but it’ll begin to send you notifications that say, among other things, “You’re near.” So, if you hear those codes and walk right past your camera’s camera-indoor area, you won’t be accused of being lurking around your video security system, or avoiding detection.

It may be that the camera will automatically start shooting automatically if there’s no nearby person to turn it on. It’s unlikely there is a human in the vicinity. The connection to Google Home devices may allow you to tell the camera to manually start shooting if you’re worried about someone approaching your home while you’re not there to turn on the camera.

If you don’t have a Nest camera, which Google says can now detect a separate person walking right up your front door, you’ll need the Google Daydream View VR headset or the Google Home Mini smart speaker to enjoy the multiple benefits Nest is now giving its products.

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