Proving that acquiring hardware hardware is not just for the Apple ecosystem, Tile released new compatible tablets and smart speakers at Best Buy in early November. Both Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot will be available for $59 as part of the new software partnership. Tile paired the device with the Google Home app on a free Android phone or the Amazon Alexa app on an Amazon smartphone.

Available at Best Buy stores and online, the Google Home Mini plays nicely with the Tile Mate and the Tile Mini and comes with a free Tile PRO that attaches to back of the small device. As far as connectivity, the Amazon Echo Dot is not sold separately but users can get a free Echo Dot with the purchase of a Tile Mate for $15 more.

While the Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini are voice-enabled devices, they don’t have interchangeable “feet” or the ability to pass on information if either one gets bumped or knocked to the ground. Tile do have enough support in place to allow full Bluetooth integration, but they are not announcing a public deployment at this time.

“Tile pioneered accessories that keep people’s most valuable possessions secure,” said Gemma Usmar, vice president of sales for Tile in a press release. “With this new phase in our expansion, Tile users will be able to find their phones, keys, bikes, wallets and more with just their voice on Google Home devices and Alexa-enabled devices. We’re pleased to extend our partnership with the two leaders in this category, allowing users to provide peace of mind to their belongings with just a few taps of their smartphone.”

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