The founder of Spectrum Equality, a nonprofit group aimed at equal rights in the telecommunications industry, sharply attacked both Republican and Democratic Party leaders for their support of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s new plan to reverse the previous 2015 ruling and start the clock on dismantling net neutrality once again.

In response to a question regarding a possible net neutrality repeal by the FCC, Sinclair Broadcast CEO Chris Ripley said on a panel Friday in San Francisco that, “if net neutrality disappears, something terrible will happen.”

Following the panel discussion, Pai and Sinclair employees stopped by the NBC Bay Area studio in a live interview for a segment that ran over the weekend on “Squawk Box” and that was later posted on YouTube. (The full, 45-minute interview is here.) In it, Pai said: “We are at the very beginning stages of a whole new chapter in our history in this country. When we talk about the internet as a great American experiment, it’s being reborn.”

Net neutrality, which aims to preserve the open Internet as a fair playing field, requires all online content to be treated equally by internet service providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast. Instead of opting to prioritize some web traffic to the detriment of others, ISPs have been restrained since the 2015 decision.

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The regulatory rollback comes after Pai was slammed by critics for going easy on big telecommunications companies while imposing harsh regulations on small web-based startups, and also after President Donald Trump praised the move as “a great thing.”

Pai said the change would prevent “too much new content from competing with the incumbents on the ground without a strong Internet platform.” He also said that shutting down net neutrality would prevent a proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner.

But the FCC’s proposed rollback of net neutrality has been met with more criticism than support by Silicon Valley. On Saturday, the FCC’s own Democratic commissioner Mignon Clyburn wrote a scathing opinion published by the Washington Post titled “FCC Chairman Needs to Drop the Lip Service and Reverse The Proposed Regs.”

“The idea that deregulation is a solution to our nation’s broadband woes is just that—a tired talking point,” Clyburn wrote. “AT&T may have lost this round, but the fight isn’t over yet. I hope the Chairman will change his course and back up his proposal with tangible plans to reduce prices and boost customer service, rather than heading in a different direction.”

For now, the FCC’s three-member Republican majority has an agenda and decision and just need votes from Pai and his two fellow Republicans to move forward. But Trump’s recent remarks have made it far more likely that one of the FCC’s two Democrat commissioners will join Clyburn to propose a proposal to block a net neutrality repeal.

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