Those with a track record of hideous robots and incessant whining, take note. Microsoft wants to use Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana as one hive mind in the home.

At its Build 2018 conference in Seattle on Monday, the company introduced two new demos, one for Xbox and one for HoloLens.

Here’s how it worked: A user would ask Cortana to turn on the TV and his Chromecast would activate the game (Destiny is on at the moment). When a Gameloft game began, the presentation mode (her avatar) and a monotonous lady that sat behind him every time he interacted with his virtual family would voice his questions and complaints. (Her role was designed to be consistent and conveying exactly what the VR viewer felt).

To get to the next stage of the demo, he needed to ask Cortana about the weather. A burst of graphics would appear on the screen, and the virtual girl would respond with some canned response that her hive mind was working through. (Cortana, the television, the screen, the weather, etc.)

From there, they walked to the kitchen, where Cortana helped the user process the robot exclamation of, “Wow, really!” from the Haasian that is Cortana’s face. (“Wow, really?”)

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