Logitech Accessories needs you to get excited about a product

On November 2, Logitech announced they were taking pre-orders for their new Kevlar Lit Command Stack for Android phones. This gear boasts the protective padding and mounting mechanism from the brand’s signature light accessories.

The ultra durable cable mechanism, mic jack and headphone jack stack are shaped into a continuous tube and unfold to easily mount on almost any device. Wire bonded to Kevlar cables, the deck is constructed with three layers of reinforced aerospace fiber cabling design in high performing spring-loaded mounting. Lightweight and sleek, the smartphone light delivers audio benefits and increased peripheral visibility. Combining technologies of LEDs and LEDs coated in Kevlar, this system is said to look, feel and function like a conventional plug and play lighting kit. It can be used with the Logitech Link LED Wireless Lighting Dashboard, Grab LED White wireless lighting adaptor or the Logitech Sound Card, Tag RGB Wireless Hub, Logitech PRO Duo Mini, Logitech One Touch and the Logitech Ear Force Z340.

Once delivered, the controller will be presented to the smartphone as an elegant piece of art. The Logitech Lit Command Stack is currently available on Logitech’s website for $79.99 USD.

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