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A mistake in Amazon’s merch-code database has led to some sellers of used Nintendo products in the U.S. being blocked from posting listings for new and used games, controllers, NES and SNES consoles, and even games that were released in the ’90s.

Most of these are listed in “Fresh from eBay” status, a section of the Amazon webpage where certain products have been deleted from the marketplace, with the explanation that they “scratched or damaged.”

The problem, however, is that most of these products were not sold through Amazon’s marketplace, but through third-party retailers, mostly eBay resellers.

“We hope they’ll have enough sense to sell on,” reads a message that pops up when attempting to search for these items.

The group known as, which is a major eBay reseller of such products, had already shared some of the messages and content sent to people trying to search for them online.

“Hi, We’re pulling your listing,” reads a message to someone searching for “Nintendo: Super Smash Bros. Melee Bundle.”

“Hi, Please search for your product on Please then change it to Amazon Amazon Amazon,” reads another, sent to a user searching for “Gameboy Color: Hackintosh Sidebar.”

A quick search shows that most of the players in the “Nintendo” section of the Shop’s listings panel have been blocked from placing offers on what would otherwise be listing as non-Amazon, new products.

The Amazon guidebook on selling found on instructs third-party sellers to use their own local Amazon sellers to ship through, instead of their own company.

“Amazon suppliers are the best choice for products sold on the Marketplace. For much of our business, we ship the products we sell directly to customers,” the guidebook reads.

Amazon did not respond to a request for comment about the listing issues or how the company plans to fix them.

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