Microsoft’s AI tech assistant Cortana is getting a facelift today with the release of Windows 10 1809. Among other changes, Cortana learns to better connect and interact with the Windows Look, so you never have to pause Cortana to load a webpage or check your email.

An all-new Cortana prototype launched this week, ahead of availability in Windows 10 1809, according to a blog post from Lisa Parker, Corporate Vice President for Windows Search.

“The new Cortana prototype will help you to understand how Cortana will work with Windows’ new look and services, such as Timeline,” Parker wrote. “Specifically, you’ll be able to set up Cortana to learn to auto-launch specific software from your PC when it detects an upcoming event.”

The new prototype features an updated UI and chat and alert settings, with access to Cortana’s search results, its intelligent recognition, and the Cortana skills.

“You can also set it up to trigger Cortana as soon as a calendar event, such as a flight and address details, is available,” wrote Parker. “The updated preview beta will also roll out to PC groups this week.”

Windows 10 1809 is the third major update for Windows 10 to be released in a single year. It is scheduled to launch on October 17.

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