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Following an abrupt change of heart, Samsung Electronics, one of the two main smartphone chipmakers, said Monday it would continue to license its Galaxy-branded IP to rival smartphone makers after all.

The unexpected decision follows Apple’s move to sever its contract with Samsung to make the batteries for the iPhone, and follows the fallout from Apple pulling other Samsung components from iPhones in 2016, some affecting the pace of iPhone release cycles.

The Galaxy chip manufacturing model had caused particular confusion, as Apple’s declaration that it would no longer use Samsung in producing chips spurred reports from Taiwan regarding possible changes to Samsung’s current position as the world’s top smartphone chipmaker.

The Korean telecom giant reversed course, stating on Monday that it would keep the production of Galaxy chip-heads to a limited scale, but would continue to grant licensing of its Galaxy-branded IP to other smartphone makers.

“Our goal has always been to focus on developing our Galaxy-branded products and technologies, rather than license our proprietary innovations in chips and software to a number of partners,” Samsung said.

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