The Wall Street Journal reports Google will probably show advertisers a new ad format in its app over the next few months. Called Tailored Audiences, the tech giant’s ads will target users by demographic information about a web address or purchase history.

That means the advertisements you see on Google search, YouTube and Gmail could change the way you browse the internet. The ads will also be tailored to local sites you search on across the web, and include related keywords on each page. That means you could see ads for local restaurants or recipes on Google search, while browsing a Yahoo site and their deal or recipes may be similar.

The new ad format could pave the way for Google to make a mint from your mobile internet search history. It will also serve as a clue to advertisers about your demographics and personal behavior, which helps them target specific users. Google already offers premium ad services for small businesses, which charge fees to place ads on specific pages in search, using email or YouTube. The new network will provide targeted ads for any website.

It will also reportedly work as a tool for Google to help determine whether someone searched for a particular item on a local website, for example. Google already tried to get into the ad market with paid search ads with AdWords in 2007. Ads you see on a search engine are not paid for by Google, but marketers have paid Google for these messages. The new network could also allow Google to gauge which ads lead to sales for marketers.

Here’s a video from YouTube from 2007 showing the different ways you can do search:

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