The first edition of the Edge we wrote about in 2015 won a nomination at GeekWire’s 5G Innovation Awards and was named one of the best phones for its looks, the media consumption experience and its dual camera.

Now Edge is bringing a new version of that phone to market called the XL. It boasts better performance and support for a new $399 5G modem from Intel that lets users use Edge features such as mixed reality and augmented reality apps.

The Edge X5 has the same 10-nanometer processor as the Edge X7, which launched at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in Las Vegas earlier this month. The enhancements in the XL will come to those 3D-sensing cameras that ImageID was working on, Edge’s media playback engine and other software improvements.

The 5G modem for the Edge X5 and X7 will be available in late 2019 and early 2020.

Edge is a 16-year-old company. It’s at CES in Las Vegas, so we asked founder and CEO Gary Munk how the Edge brand fared in the GeekWire Top Gear challenge (and, because we’re all Wisconsin Gomers, we asked about rain and dairy cows). Read more…

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