Facebook is running pre-roll ads in news feeds, a step that millions of users have already objected to, according to a report.

Users without subscriptions are being offered pre-rolls from premium content providers, a Snapchat-like feature from the social media giant.

It’s the first time Facebook has run pre-roll ads in its news feed, an effort it’s been considering since last year.

Since then, the ads are being offered to paid members with the presence of a “Skip” button.

But Facebook is locking up the demographic critical to the advertising business: the young.

The Financial Times reported Facebook is not advertising to anyone without an account.

Facebook does not plan to begin allowing paid ads in the News Feed until 2020, the paper said.

Facebook itself has not commented on the report.

The FT report could be bad news for paid members.

The site, which sells itself as advertising’s missing link, faces mounting criticism after a series of privacy scandals.

Facebook was recently rocked by revelations that a political data firm, Cambridge Analytica, obtained the personal data of more than 50 million Facebook users.

Earlier this month, Facebook found out that that 900,000 users were “misclassified” by at least 10 publishers as “paying” subscribers.

Facebook has 2.2 billion users.

In the past, Facebook has considered features that could bring in more ad revenue.

For instance, Facebook has been considering over-the-top video and possibly to offer subscription news channels.

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